Zuzana Machorková | Křehká krása na letišti Brno


Zuzana Machorkova graduated at SPST institute in Brno, in the field of Fashion Design. She won "Young Design 1994" prize in Czech Republic. In 2002, she won another prize, this time a prestigious international prize in the branch of fashion called "Designer of the Season" for her collection "SKOTTYS", at STYL and KABO trade-fairs in Brno. "SKOTTYS" was also presented during Prague Fashion Week.
Next year, Zuzana Machorkova vindicated the prize "Designer of the Season" bringing her new collection called "PRASK N°1". This collection participated in Prague Fashion Week in the same year. Collections "REKA CASU", "DISTRICT" and "POSLANI" followed. Consequently, "POSLANI" was presented during gala evening in Saint Petersburg (Russia), taking place under the aegis of Consulate General of Czech Republic.
On Friday, the13th of November 2009 a fashion show by Zuzana Machorkova was presented during gala night "KREHKA KRASA" at the Brno airport, with participation of Moravian glass works Kvetna and Brno Airport.